Jobs & Jesus.

Roam various job sites ✓

Network ✓

Update résumé ✓

Customize cover letter ✓

Send in application ✓

Wait ✓

Rinse & repeat.

There are a number of things that sound more appealing to me than looking for a job. Netflix isn’t going to watch itself. And if you’ve taken a peek at my ‘about’ page, you’ll see that this blog has been a welcome distraction. But at the end of the day, there’s just no avoiding the dreaded job hunt. It’s a necessary evil that will, hopefully, guide me to a great company and a fulfilling career.

Which sounds totally great. Yet, as a 24 year old, who’s been looking for 5 months and has a master’s degree, I’m still on the hunt.

All the women, who broke & job-less – throw your hands up at me!

In the past couple of years, I’ve really tried to make a conscious effort to minimize my whining and worrying. I’ve been told not to complain and dispute (Philippians 2:14) and not to worry (Matthew 6:25-34), so I have tried my hardest to do what the Word says.

Buuut I caved.

Being frustrated with my circumstances, I pulled out my journal and I vented to God. My job situation had been bothering me for a while, but I thought that by not vocally expressing my confusion and disappointment, I was successfully not complaining and worrying. I guess I forgot that whole “God knowing my heart” tidbit, so I wasn’t fooling anyone.

It wasn’t so much that I thought I should be awarded with a job based on how long I’ve been looking, because 5 months is nothing in comparison to the years that others have spent trying to land a job. It also wasn’t because I thought having a master’s degree should have opened doors sooner, because there are people with doctorates who are in the same boat as me.

I vented because there were opportunities that seemed so perfect and I was sooo close to landing them, but they just fizzled out. One opportunity in particular really had me stumped. The way in which this potential job came to be was nothing short of God’s favor and I pounced on it. But try as I might, that tree didn’t bear fruit. I couldn’t understand why God would orchestrate something so perfect, only for nothing to come of it.

After 3 pages of venting, I stopped and listened. Here’s what I got.

The Lord has blessed me more than I will ever know. He has placed all kinds of people in my life who pray for me, send me job leads, and have been so encouraging. He needs me to use this time of waiting to further prepare myself for what’s to come. He needs me to be expectant, but also patient. And He needs me to apply 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 to this and everything in my life. Short and sweet. So unlike my journal vent and this blog post.

So, I don’t have anything yet. But I will. I’ll keep roaming, networking, updating, customizing, sending, and waiting. And along with that, I’ll keep praying, expecting, patiently waiting, obeying, and believing that what God has for me, I’ll have.


4 thoughts on “Jobs & Jesus.

  1. Took you long enough… I think you are incredibly brave BreAshlee. I have come to realize that things that are not meant to be will tend not to bear fruit. I remember when every single relationship I had went no where, and I would get frustrated with God and ask why, but I soon realized it was God telling me no for my own good. Patience is very difficult, but God’s best is worth waiting for. (Totally pulled a Tyra there). Until your BIG break, continue to pray- and so will I.


  2. What a testament to me!! I am a spirit-filled believer, with a MA, who acknowledges my unemployed status since May 2013. I don’t recall the manner in which I stumbled across your site, but I’m eternally grateful that I did. Your blog truly ministered to me: 46 year old wife/ mother of two! I’ve been looking & waiting too. Because I’m a wife and mother, I a cognizant that my search is strategic. God bless you for teaching me how to wait !


    1. Wow, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Truth be told, I wrote this post thinking no one would really care, but I wrote it anyway. I’m so glad that God used me to help you in this. Keep pressing on with the job hunt, we are in this together!


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