A Simple Man.

Chris couldn’t-be-bothered-with-a-middle-name Allen was born on July 11th, 1954.

I am only now allowed to share this information with you because his phone is turned off, he has cleared his internet cookies and he only used duck duck go anyway, so Google doesn’t have his information.

I imagine he thrust into this world with little to no fanfare, because… well, why would he want that?

He lived a whole thirty-six years before I knew him, and what a life it was.

However, since I wasn’t present for that part, let’s just skim through that real quick so we can get to the good stuff:

  • He was super smart, but he wouldn’t flaunt it.
  • He was super thrifty, and didn’t pay full price for anything. #hehadacouponforthat
  • He met, fell in love and quickly wedded his love and better half, Rhonda. (lol, I’m totally kidding, it took him 6 years to propose)

After being married for all of 1 year and 5 months, he and my mom welcomed their first beautiful baby girl.

Her name escapes me at the moment, so we’ll just call her… daughter #1.

Okay okay, her name is Kristen and she’s a doctor and she’s really pretty and cool and my best friend.

But nothing could compare to that magical day, when the heavens opened up and their second baby girl was brought into the world.

Angels sung, people. The hospital had a parade. Strangers wept.

But I digress.

Over the years, Chris is-my-presence-required-for-this Allen would tell you that he liked his senior McDonald’s coffee hot (or you were getting it back), his adoptive son Amari Cooper, and being the reigning champ of candy crush.

He knew every Earth, Wind & Fire song, and often said that people ‘just don’t make music like they used to anymore.’

I’m inclined to agree.

Ignore his half-smile, he was excited!

Pops was not a fan of things like unnecessary travel, receiving gifts, or being in the presence of uncouth people.

My dad also was not the type to go around saying he loved things, like an amazing hamburger, or that movie with that guy in it.

And rightfully so. He didn’t love any of those things.

So let me tell you what he did love.

The Lord. He was constantly in the Word, listening to teachers and in prayer.

You didn’t get my dad without getting the Lord. Package deal, my friends. Package. deal.

His wife. He found pleasure in getting out early in the mornings to make sure she had enough gas in her tank, a clean car and a coffee on the kitchen table when he returned.

Now sure, did he sometimes (read: 99% of the time) leave without telling her? Yes, but for the sake of this story, let’s just shimmy right on past that.

His girls. No doubt about it in our minds, not to mention the random people he would talk to at McDonald’s, that my dad l o v e d his girls. He spoke of us often and carried photos around of us in his wallet, always ready to show us off.

It is worth noting that for the longest time, those photos were from when we were in middle school. But listen, we were adorable, so it’s fine.

His family. Never one to fret over himself, he was always making sure that everyone else was taken care of. Yes, he would tell you that he loved you.

But he also made sure to show it as well.

My dad left this world today.

I don’t recall us discussing this sudden departure, because I feel like I’d remember this conversation. Not to mention, I would have been highly opposed to the idea.

But that was my dad for you. He followed no man’s rules!

So tonight, in honor of Chris i’m-just-a-simple-man Allen, will you do something for me?


Pray for his bride.

Pray for his parents.

Pray that the overwhelming comfort and peace of our Father would continue to wash over us, like the free car washes that he would get at the Lexus dealership.

Tell someone you love them.

And when you’re done telling them, show them.


C’mon now, we all know what month it is! Turn on EW&F’s September and boogie like you’ve never boogied before.

He didn’t do it often, but when he did? Well, it was best that you just go on and get out of his way.

We love you, old man.

I’m so glad that you knew that.

P.S. – Can you ask God what’s the deal with roaches?? Seriously, what is their purpose? I look forward to your reply.

22 thoughts on “A Simple Man.

  1. I have so many memories of growing up with Chris and Joe at Southtown and West End. He spent a lot of time on his guitar. Yes he loved Earth. Wind and Fire. He even tutored me in Geometry, which I was terrible at. This one hurts!! He was always taking care of everyone. Chris, I love you.

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    1. This is a beautiful memory. We lived right next door to the Allens in West End and my fondest memories of Chris is that he was to quiet, his greetings to you where always accompanied with a gentle smile and he was extremely smart. He and Joe are older than the friends I grew up with so they were excellent role models for us.

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      1. I am very sorry for your loss. This is from the Elise Phillips family. Praying for the srength for the family and friends. God bless you all.

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  2. What a beautiful tribute to your daddy! Prayers of comfort and peace for you, your sister and mom and all who loved him.

    The purpose of roaches will always allude me this side of heaven 😊

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  3. First giving Honor to God for he is worthy to be praised.
    Chris was my 1st Cousin and it was a blessing to have had him in my life.
    We had a lot of fun and good times thru out the years. I am really going to him.
    Our love and prayers are being sent to you and the rest of the family. May God keep his forever loving arms around you all.
    Love Always,
    Johnny and Donna Allen

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  4. Nice quiet young man who lived next door to my sister Pat McClinton. I would see Joe & his brother doing chores. Beautiful family .Hey Sister Elizabeth and Nale

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  5. What a beautiful tribute and a blessing to those that crossed his path . This shows , he truly loved the Lord and his Family. I will be praying that you find some comfort in knowing …. He is with God. Let’s hope he is asking about those questions about the roaches. Everything on earth , there is a reason .
    Praying for your family 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
    Yolanda Spencer

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  6. To my darling family Chris was such a beautiful cousin. We grew up together laugh together, ate together went off to college together… He always would tell me you better finish college can’t get a good job if you don’t . We was distant in miles but not in spirit he was a very gentle person full of love, God get this glory his word tell me, Earth have no sorrow that heaven cannot heal. Your Cousin Annie love.

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  7. Amos & Audrey Allen,
    First giving honor to God, Now to my beautiful family I would like to say that my heart is with you all in this time of Sorrow,
    Chris is going to be truly missed, but I thank God that I will forever hold on to the memories that I was able to share with my cousin in my heart. We will keep you all in prayer. Love your cousin Amos Allen ❤🙏🏿

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  8. What a beautifully crafted tribute and portrait of a life well lived. Saddened to hear this news. Our families were members of Sardis in the late 80’s early 90’s. I remember admiring your beautiful family sitting together in the pews impeccably attired…suits, dresses and ponytails before I got married. I don’t remember ever having an extended conversation with your Dad. Your Mom (my Soror) was doing the talking. The legacy he created and leaves behind speaks volumes and aligns with the beautiful picture I still hold in my head. Peace, grace and comfort be with you at this difficult time May he RIP!

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  9. Thank you for capturing your father’s amazing life and sharing with us. May God bless and keep you and give you His Peace. Deepest heartfelt condolences ❤️

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  10. Our deepest condolences to your mom, you and Kristen. I just saw this a few minutes ago. I always run into your dad at Walmart and as I drove through the parking lot a few weeks ago, saw him as he was walking into the store. Our family sends prayers for your comfort. May his soul find eternal rest. Blessings

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  11. Dear Kaitlin,
    This was one of the most beautiful things I’ve read. I’ll pray for comfort and peace over your family… oh and I’ll most definitely dance. Sending love!

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  12. I’m so sorry for your loss. Praying the comfort of The Holy Spirit to be near your family during these tender days. You are a wonderful writer and I feel like I met a wonderful man through your post. God bless.


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