Rome If You Want To. Rome Around The World.

Let’s just completely overlook the fact that I haven’t posted since November. Like, we’re not even going to mention it. Deal?

What’s the first thing I should note about this final place? The history? The food? The throngs of people?

No. The first thing to note is the weather. Alabama summers have nothing on this place in August.

Final stop: Rome, Italy.
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Come Cry With Me, Let’s Cry, Let’s Cry Away.

Going on an overseas trip for any extended amount of time requires careful planning and preparation.

You must be cognizant of your funds leading up to the trip, because of a little thing called foreign exchange rates. 

Your job has to cover for you while you’re away, so you have to make sure you leave your work in the best shape possible (and be prepared to bring back sorry-I-left-you-with-extra-work-for-two-weeks-while-I-was-galavanting-in-Europe gifts).
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Kaitlin, you’re going on a trip.

That’s what the e-mail said back in January when it was officially official.

Not to say it wasn’t official before then, because let’s be honest. Once a non-refundable down payment has been made, you best believe that trip was happening. But I digress.
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