About Me

Putting pen to paper has always been therapeutic to me.

Now, I wouldn’t consider myself to be a poet or a scholar — I’ve just always been one who needed a place to lay my thoughts down.

When I was younger, and still convinced that I would become a pop star, I would write my own songs. Because clearly, no one knows heartbreak quite like an eight year old.

When I was 21, and I had my very own ‘Road to Damascus‘ moment, I started journaling every day.

And when I graduated with a Master’s Degree, and was unsuccessful in finding work for five months, I began this blog.

You see, to me, writing is the ultimate time keeper. Because when the days turn into months, and months to years, those thoughts, hopes and dreams of the past, are forever preserved.

My past has yielded to my present, and my present is, Lord willing, setting up for my future.

A future where, hopefully, I’ll still have a lot to say.

3 thoughts on “About Me

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