Simon Says.

Everyone has, at one point in their lives, played the popular game “Simon Says.”

That is, unless you lived under a rock growing up.

Or your mom faked a litany of medical diagnoses that kept you isolated and fully dependent on her, therefore, you didn’t have the time (or friends) to play the game with.

Have y’all been watching that Hulu show about Gypsy Rose Blanchard?? Because OHMIGOODNESS, WHAT IS LIFE?!

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What Is Your Ministry?

Helloooooo, blog readeeeerrrrrssssss! (must be read in Oprah Winfrey’s voice)

Sorry I haven’t posted in over a month. That was totes my bad. I’ve had quite a few blog ideas that I thought I’d write about, but I just could not get myself to sit down and write them.

But have no fear, underdog I am here!

And I have a question for you.
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