Interracial Ice Cream.

So the next couple of posts are going to be a little different, because I have a special guest! I have recruited my boyfriend, hereby known as kid, to help me out today.

Now, for those of you that personally know us, here are a few things you may have noticed about us, as a couple:

Similarities: devouring Chick-fil-A, binge watching Netflix, and fluency in sarcasm.

Differences: what condiments to eat at Chick-fil-A (honey mustard > Chick-fil-A sauce), which Netflix genre is the best (british period drama > american comedies), and who is more stubborn (he wins. hands down).

But, for those of you that don’t personally know us, here are a few things you may have noticed about us, as a couple:

I’m black. He’s white. Hence our title.

Here’s the kid with our ice cream. Guess who ordered what?

For the purpose of this blog post, we thought we’d have a little fun and share a few things that we’ve learned from being in this chocolate/vanilla relationship. The little quirks and habits that we’ve seen after dating for almost 3 years.

Some of these things can be attributed to race, gender, or the nuances in every relationship. You be the judge.

(btw, these are only our opinions; we are not the poster couple for interracial dating)

I’m going to stay in the black and he will be in the blue.

Take it away, kid!

“I, kid, hereby state that I’m contributing to this blog post under my own free will…”

Okay but seriously, I’m happy to be a guest and hope everyone can have a little laugh today.

Just cut me a little slack since I’m not a pro like SB here.

Hair.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that “Hair is a struggle and the struggle is real”. 

Now for me, hair is pretty simple: Wet, Lather, Rinse, Dry.  All-in-all about a 5-10 minute process if that.  But for SB….let’s just say it takes a little longer.  For her, hair isn’t just a simple task; it’s an event.  Nay, a marathon.

This is how a typical conversation goes:

Me- “What are you up to?”
SB- “About to start on my hair.”

Me- “Okay, well I guess I’ll talk to you tomorrow then…”

Now I thought I knew a thing or two about hair (I mean, I’ve had mine for 25 years now), but I was wrong.  Since dating SB, I’ve picked up a few terms along the way (like it or not), such as: flat twists, bantu knots, perm, weave, natural, oil, satin wraps, etc.  I can describe each of those things and more in pretty good detail now.  Can you?

It’s true, he does know quite a bit about black hair care. Being natural is a full-time job, blog readers. It takes time to properly moisturize and nurture these tresses. #sorrynotsorry.

Church.  What time does my church get out? 11:20-11:40.  What time does SB’s church get out? 12:00 this week, 11:45 last week, 12:30 next week.  It’s always a surprise.

Both services are great.  Both preachers are great.  God is active in both churches.  But it’s clear that they both operate on very different timetables.

I’m amazed that every week, his church gets out at exactly the same time. They must time the service beforehand…

Undertones.  Growing up, I think I had at least one bruise or red mark on me every week.  Not because I share any similarities to a peach, or even because I’m particularly clumsy.  Rather, it’s the price I paid of being an active boy.  And not much has changed since then I’m afraid.  A hammer to a thumb this week…a dumbbell to a toe the next…it’s always something.  And so to me, it’s always nothing.  C’est la vie…

So imagine my surprise when SB stares at me and says “What’s that?! Your leg is blue and purple!”.  You see, while we both bruise, we don’t exactly bruise in the same way.  And while scratches both leave a mark, mine tend to look a little worse than they are.

In fact, sometimes I think one of her favorite games is poking my arm until a fingerprint outline shows and proudly announcing that my “pink undertones are showing”.  It’s the little things I guess.

Let’s be real, he still gets bumps and bruises to this day. I won’t even get into that time he stepped on a rusty nail… And yes, it is always fun to poke him and see the outline. 🙂

Well, that was fun! Do you have anything to add, kid?

Thanks for having me, and thanks for reading. You can send my check in the mail…

Annnnnd that concludes part 1 of our 2-part post! Make sure to come back for part 2 coming soon.


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