When is it my turn?

You know the feeling.

You are praying, believing and wanting more for yourself. You know you can be doing so much more, if you were just given the opportunity.

Yet time after time, it’s not you, but someone else.

It’s the guy who left the company and got the new job. It’s the girl who moved ahead of you and received the raise. They finally “made it” and you — well, you didn’t.

I know the feeling. People keep getting in that revolving door of life and passing you by, leaving you to stare off behind them in hopes that one day soon, you will get your chance to ride.

I have to believe that for now, we are right where the Lord would have us to be. That’s not to say we don’t keep praying, believing, trying and wanting for our lives, because faith without works is dead.

But maybe, as that revolving door keeps turning, opportunities can arise right where we are. Maybe He is giving us the desire of our hearts, just in a way we didn’t expect.

Our turn is coming, my friend. Or maybe it’s already here.


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