Fool·ish” (adjective): Lacking good sense or judgment; unwise.

As of late, the boo and I have been binge watching the Netflix show, The Punisher. We watched the first season when it came out, but had been slacking on season two until recently.

As with most Marvel productions, the show is set in New York City and follows Frank Castle, otherwise known as ‘The Punisher’, who is on a quest of vengeance for his murdered wife and kids.

Now I won’t go into too much detail on the show because either A. You have seen it, or 2. You don’t care to. Which is fine. Live your life.

I will, however, put a brief spotlight on a character in this second season that has done nothing but grind my gears.

Her name is Dr. Krista Dumont and she is the therapist that is treating Billy Russo. From the first time she was introduced, and throughout the season, Dr. Dumont has proven herself to be that of a plum fool.

Now, to be fair, we still have a few episodes left before the finale, so maybe she will redeem herself. But as of now, and from all that I have seen, her actions have been unreasonable, careless and downright dangerous, making me want to throw something at the TV every time I see her.

Now I know I’m being very vague with all of this, but I have my reasons.

I’m not going into great detail because if you plan on watching the show, I don’t want to give away any spoilers. Maybe you will look at her character in a completely different light than me, and that’s OK.

But the main reason I’m not dwelling on this fictional character is simply because she’s hardly the point of this post.

Dr. Dumont is like all of us in the sense that we make foolish choices and decisions. We’re human and it’s inevitable. We all, at some point, have been hit with the stupid stick and have said or done things that we wish we could immediately take back.

But as of late, I have been faced with thoughts of being foolish for things that are anything but.

I’ve done a couple of things recently that have involved me stepping out on faith and making myself very vulnerable.

And in the beginning, I’ve felt great! These are things that would give God glory and would be a blessing for me to share. Win-win!

But as time progressed, and these situations proved uncomfortable, difficult or even embarrassing, those thoughts of His glory turned into thoughts of my stupidity. I was starting to believe that it was foolish of me to even try.

That’s why I’m here to tell you (but mainly me; you’re just along for the ride) that trusting in God is n e v e r foolish. Doing something that would bring Him glory is n e v e r unwise.

Only the devil in hell would try to convince us that trusting and obeying God is for the birds. That is won’t lead to anything and even trying is useless.

What a boldfaced lie.

There are plenty of things that we do in this life that warrant the title foolish.

Airing our dirty laundry on social media is foolish.

Spending above our means is foolish.

Purposely putting ourselves in dangerous situations is foolish.

And that’s just skimming the surface.

But what I’m reminding myself, and you, is this.

Trusting in God is never foolish. Like, ever. Never, ever, e v e r r r r.

So I’m putting my trust in you, Lord. Let me never be put to shame.

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