The Lord uses our tests and trials to not only strengthen our faith in Him, but also so that we can minister to others who are in the same situation. He wants us to share our testimony.

So here’s mine.

– – –

“I love waiting!” said no one ever.

Following the positive feedback from my posts, Jobs & Jesus and Quick Turnaround, I was ready for a miraculous change in my job situation. I just knew that jobs were going to start falling in my lap. I even mentioned at the end of Quick Turnaround that I received word on a potential job opportunity and was being considered for a job that I had applied for. I had the plans, God had the steps, and something big was definitely about to happen.

Except it didn’t. At least not how I had planned it.

The potential job opportunity just didn’t fall in line with the career path I wanted to take. And I never heard back from the job that was considering me.

But don’t cry for me, Argentina, because I wasn’t down for too long! In the midst of those opportunities that just didn’t pan out, I was given a chance to interview over the phone for a position I had applied for the week prior.

Oooh, I get it! This is one of those ‘closed door, open window’ type deals. Praise God! Quick turnaround, quick turnaround.

So the day of the interview came and I.was.ready. I had my printed résumé on my right, questions for the company to my left, a fully charged phone and endless reasons as to why I was perfect for the job. 11 AM was game time.

By 11:15, the game was over and I lost.

Now at this point, I’m completely over it. Of all the jobs I applied for, about 10% of them wanted me to come in for an interview. Of all of the interviews I went on, not a single one extended me an offer. Not to mention that I publicly put myself out there, believing on God for all these great things and nothing was happening.

Pity, party of one? Your table is ready.

Right in the middle of my feeling sorry for myself, the Holy Spirit made something very clear to me. While it was easier to wallow and allow myself to be discouraged, I needed to let that go. I needed to fight for my joy, knowing that God’s promises would come to pass. And just so He could make sure I knew that was Him, I received my ‘Uplift’ text 5 minutes later, saying —

“It’s not easy. But making the decision to focus on God’s promises when circumstances are against you gives you an advantage.” 

Welp, party’s over.

– – –

So the next week rolls around, and I’m on my way to, surprise, surprise, the dentist. (Read ‘Bite Down‘ if you don’t get this). As I pulled up for another appointment, I received a phone call about a position I had applied for a few weeks earlier. A position that I, quite honestly, forgot I had applied to. But, it fell in line with what I wanted to do, so I couldn’t help but be excited.

After an impromptu phone interview right there in the dentist office, I was asked to come in for a face-to-face interview.

Could this be it, Lord?!

Just like my interviews before, I made sure that I was prepared. I thoroughly researched the company, came up with great questions to ask, and had my résumé printed on the finest paper money could buy (otherwise known as Cardstock from Staples). Once again, it was game time.

After what I thought to be a great interview, I shook hands with my interviewers, thanked God for the opportunity and waited.

For 3 months, I waited. (In reality, it was a week and 4 days, but it surely felt like longer).

Finally, I got the call. I didn’t get the job.

Did this girl really make me read this entire blog post, only to tell me she still doesn’t have a job?!

Not quite.

Remember when I said earlier how things didn’t turn out how I had planned it? Well, didn’t plan this. There was a little more to that phone call.

While I didn’t meet the qualifications for the job I had interviewed for, I seemed to have impressed someone enough that they wanted me to come and interview for another position they had open. A position that better suited me and was still in line with what I wanted to do. So two weeks after the first interview, I interviewed for this new position. And guess what?

They offered me the position on the spot. Which I happily accepted.

(Please see the following emoji’s for an inside look to my praise break.)


– – –

So, why did I tell you all of this?

Contrary to what you may think, it is not to brag on myself, but rather, brag on my GOD. There is no way I could have orchestrated the way in which I got this job. Please hear me when I say that I did not make it through this time of waiting apart from HIM.

‘Oh, give thanks to the Lord!
Call upon His name;
Make known His deeds among the peoples!’

– 1 Chronicles 16:8

Now go and make your testimony known.



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