Princess Tiana.

Sister is headed to a costume party tomorrow night, and she has yet to come up with a costume.

We won’t discuss how long she has had to get an outfit together (over two weeks) or how her habit of giving her clothes away has, once again, failed her. Instead, we’ll just focus on the fact that she has less than 24 hours until the party, and the closest thing she has to a costume are jeans with a red & white shirt.

Waldo. She’s considering being Waldo.

Because of the little time she has left, her elaborate ideas from two weeks ago have turned desperate. Her ideas from tonight include:

  • Maddie from Sia’s ‘Chandelier
  • Black Swan
  • Princess Tiana
  • Raven Symone’s character from ‘Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century’
  • Agnes from ‘Despicable Me
  • A scarecrow
  • Olaf from ‘Frozen’
  • This dancing emoji —> 💃

Being the good sister that I am, I decided to help her come up with some cute, last minute outfits. I didn’t want her to constantly be bombarded with the question ‘what are you supposed to be?’ so I was hoping to steer clear of that.

I tried searching for costume ideas geared towards black women, but that was a bust. Search results for black dresses, or black cat-woman outfits was not what I asked for, but it’s what I got.

I guess going as Princess Tiana wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.

On second thought, I’m pretty sure she gave away her green antebellum ball gown.

Olaf it is.


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