I’ve been writing on and off for the last 6 years. Before I started sharing my thoughts on this blog, my words filled up the pages of dozens of journals and notebooks.

While my writing began to dwindle over time (as you can gather from the large breaks between these posts), my love for it never waned. It’s my way of expressing how I feel, in that moment in time. Best of all, writing allows me to go back and look at who I was during different seasons in my life.

Well, this morning, I did just that. I pulled out some old journals and allowed myself to reminisce on the Kaitlin’s of old. To see her uncertainty at her next steps. How she wanted so desperately for something, but had to wait patiently. Which was hard. And still is.

As I read, I was in awe at the wisdom I had forgotten she possessed.

So I’d like to share with you a short poem that I wrote back in Sept. 2014 that made me say out loud “I wrote that?!”


One minute happy, the next minute sad
This hour I feel good, the next I feel bad
Don’t you understand, my child?
What it is that you have?
You have the Holy Spirit that lives within
To intercede on your account, when you don’t know where to begin
You have the Word of God that always speaks truth
Open up that Book and in His presence, go mute
And be amazed when He pours into you
So feelings, my friend, don’t take them to heart
One minute they’re light, the next, so dark
Circumstances aside, throw those feelings off
Draw closer to Christ, that’s a good place to start

Shine on, 24-year-old Kaitlin. You are teaching your 28-year-old self more than you know.


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