Will this be together or separate?


This happens all.of.the.time.

It always starts innocently enough. Since the boo and I like to explore new restaurants within the Birmingham area, we enjoy finding great places to eat out on the weekends.

After we are shown our table, we are soon greeted by our waiter/waitress who will be taking care of us for the evening. Now, besides the ONE time that I can remember, when we received truly awful service, our dining experiences usually go off without a hitch.

Small talk is made. Orders are placed. Food is delivered. Said food is devoured.

So now, it’s time to request for the check.

And this is where it never fails. Every time, we are always met with the same question.

“Will this be together or separate?”

Now I do understand the plight of the waiter. It’s not always clear who is together romantically vs. platonically. So instead of assuming one over the other, it’s likely easier (& maybe PC?) to subtly ask if you’re lovers or friends.

However, something to note about our relationship would be our distinct and varying levels of melanin (read: Interracial Ice Cream). Even with the affectionate hand hold, long gazes into each others eyes, and both of our wedding bands glimmering in the night sky, we still can’t go a time without being asked this question.

So tell me. Does this happen to you and your SO? How do you handle it?

For us, it’s gotten to the point where are seriously considering PDA, just to see if that will make a difference.

TBD on that! 🙃


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