Work faux pas.

We all have them.

I’m talking about those moments at work when we say and/or do something that immediately makes us shrink back and wish Jesus would return in that moment.

But depending on the level of sheer tomfoolery that just ensued, Jesus may pick you up last.

Having those foot-to-mouth, face-to-palm moments at the office can be painful, embarrassing, pearl-clutching and heartbreaking all at once. However, as long as you learn from them, those L’s can be turned into valuable lessons.

Over the next few posts, I’d like to share some of my work faux pas, be they hilarious, cringe-worthy and downright humbling.

Read at your own risk.

This first one shall be called —

The pre-work faux pas.

After I graduated college, I was on the hunt for my very first “big girl job” (i.e. your M-F, I-can’t-take-a-midday-nap-anymore, full time gig). Now I had held part-time/side jobs before, so I considered myself to be somewhat competent and prepared when it came to interviewing. And a month after graduating, I landed a promising face-to-face interview that would propel me into adulthood.

As far as the basics were considered, I thought I was prepared.

Business suit? Check.

Current résumé (on cardstock)? Obviously.

Common sense that the Good Lord gave me? Oops. Forgot that one!

While the interview itself went over well, it wasn’t until the end, when expectations for the job were being discussed, that I clearly tried to sabotage myself. Let me take you back to that fateful moment…

Interviewer: This position is a Monday-Friday job, from the hours of 8a-5p. Does that work for you?

Me: Oooooh, 8a? That’s a little early.

Interviewer (& collectively, the rest of the world):


Now thankfully, my interviewer didn’t turn into Viola Davis, grab her purse and mosey right on out of the room while mumbling to herself how much of her time I wasted.

It was, however, calmly explained to me that my response would have been more than enough reason for me not to land the job.

Yet, to my surprise, I did get the job. There were some connections and people that we discovered we knew during the interview, so I believe it was that, mixed with an otherwise solid interview (& the blood of Christ), that ultimately afforded me the position.

So, what was my ‘L’? My sheer lack of common sense.

My Lesson? Grace given is a beautiful thing.

And that’s only the beginning.




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