On Sunday mornings, as I climb out of bed and dress for church, I’m always hopeful and expectant to learn a valuable lesson from the sermon.

Additionally, during the week, the boo and I dedicate a weeknight to partake in church-like fellowship on a smaller scale – appropriately named “small groups.” This, too, is a place to hear the voice of God.

So basically, I’m actively seeking me some Jesus, on a corporate level, twice a week.

I’m pretty sure this puts me in the running of some Godly award – I’ll have to look into that.

In all seriousness, we know the benefits of meeting together, how we are better together and it’s backed by Scripture. Because where two or three gather in His name, there He is.

But what about on Monday, when I’m on my morning commute to work and I’m exhausted from the weekend?

Or Thursday afternoon, in rush hour traffic, when the lessons from Sunday have long been replaced by the frustrations of Gary in Accounting?

Not surprisingly, I have found that during the other days of the week, when my mind is not actively listening out for the voice of God, my thoughts will easily drift back to the stresses of the day and Gary.

Because seriously, he’s the worst.

That’s why I’m always so humbled when, even though I may not be thinking of Him, He shows Himself to me within my ordinary, humdrum, day-to-day life.

Sure, I feel like God teaches me lessons in those traditional places.

But man, do I love it when He shows up and drops some Godly knowledge bombs outside of the church walls.

Like, the time when God showed Himself to me through the ridiculous antics of my dog.

Or when He gave me a giant slice of humble pie at work. (Okay, I didn’t love this one that much, but it was a lesson nonetheless).

In this upcoming series, I want to share with you some of those “untraditional” ways where God has taught me valuable lessons and shared some truths.

Everyday living can be just as full of Godly lessons as the 9 a.m. church service on Sundays.

Because God isn’t just showing up once or twice a week.

He’s everywhere.

If you open your eyes and really listen, I think you’ll find that He’s right where you are.

So take a seat and grab a pen, my friend.

He has a lot to say.

5 thoughts on “Everywhere.

  1. Great blog! I think true understanding begins when we realize that WE are the church and not the building where we go to worship once or twice a week. You are right, God is everywhere and if we are open to His voice, you will find yourself “having church” in the most unlikely of places (think “Gary in Accounting ‘s desk or in the break area someday!) Again, a great blog!

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  2. Beautifully said! We do give so little time to him and yet, he gives us everything! So, proud to see how you, your sister and all our little Hoover kids have grown into strong, insightful young people! Blessings!

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