When It’s Time To Change.

So, I did a thing today.

I resigned from my job.

When it comes to taking leaps of faith, this may very well be the biggest one I’ve ever taken. Like, I probably need to stretch these old legs before I attempt this grand jeté.

In the past, whenever I’ve made a big decision, I knew that there was something else coming down the pipeline for me. A surefire step that I would easily transition into.

And because I knew what was next, it gave me the confidence to let go of what I had.

But this time, it’s different.

This time, I’m stepping out into the unknown. Onto a staircase that I can’t see. And if I can’t see it, how do I know it’s really there?

This certainly is a new season for me — one that leaves me both excited and terrified.

I am constantly casting down doubts of my worth in this calling.

Because I’m human. And those thoughts are there.

But with that, I am also reminded that God doesn’t call the equipped.

He equips the called.

So here I am, Lord!

Use me.

After 4 years, 8 months and 4 days (yes, I counted), I’ve closed a chapter that has been such a big part of my young adult life.

The chapter that began after a 5-month long frustrating job search.

The chapter that started one month after I launched this blog.

The chapter that was, but is no more.

Today is a bittersweet symphony, my friends.

But tomorrow, we get to work.

To the work family that I leave behind,

You all have shown such faith in me, in a time when mine was scarce.

Thank you.

Thank you for the belly laughs, the ugly cries, the dance parties, the prayers, the lessons learned and the words of encouragement.

I love you all.

So here’s to you, one last time…

::drumroll, please::

I am Kaitlin Walden, and I am #DriventoDelight!

7 thoughts on “When It’s Time To Change.

  1. Beautifully stated. I too, am taking a leap of faith into the dark at this season in my life. Like you, excited and a little nervous. But because my faith is in the Lord, and what I believe He told me. So I wake each day, each day believing to see the manifestation of the promise!

    I have been encouraged even the more by your courage. I can’t wait to see what He has in store for you at this juncture!

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  2. You’re amazing! You truly made my Brand Immersion experience memorable which is why I added you on LinkedIn. You had fire! I hope your next journey is far more rewarding, fulfilling and all that your heart desires. You’re anointed, appointed and approved.

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