Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash


It doesn’t matter if it’s grammatically correct or perfectly formatted.

Spill words.

It can take 5 minutes, or 5 hours.

Just say the thing.

Somewhere in there, when you just write, what you really want to say seems to find its way out.

It’s like when you run a race.

Y’all remember when I used to be a runner?

I couldn’t just go out on race day and run without the proper preparation beforehand.

I’ve got to stretch and bend (& snap) before I line up.

So why is writing any different?

Why do we feel like we have got to have it perfect before we have even approached the starting line?

I say we purposely, because I have definitely found myself wanting to have it all down and hit publish within the hour.

Just write something. Anything!

Ooh the weather outside is frightful.

See, that was a thing!

Give yourself some grace, girl.

The words will come.

Don’t they always?

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